Using vendor MARC files to create MARC records for electronic serials in OPAC? Mitch Turitz 19 Mar 2007 23:53 UTC


I think I never got around to replying to the requests for the
results from my informal survey.

Some time ago I posted a question to several discussion groups asking
if anyone had experience purchasing MARC records for on-line
electronic serials to load into an OPAC.

I received approximately 13 responses, not counting the ones who
said, "Please send me the results too," without answering my
questions.  ALL of the respondents were using Serials Solutions. No
one even mentioned what other vendors they considered. All but one
were using Innovative Interfaces, Inc. for their OPACs.  All but 2
were either pleased or very pleased with SS.

Of the two who were not pleased one was because of the amount of
cleanup they had to do, and the other was because of the pricing
structure (if you have to search a title for copy in more than one
database, you are charged for multiple searches).  I think both were
satisfied with the final result.

This was not a scientific survey and is too small to make any serious
statistical conclusions.

I passed the results onto my boss.  She will make the ultimate
decision for us.  We are also considering OCLC for the MARC records.

-- Mitch Turitz <>

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