HELP please....MARC error Jill Brungardt 20 Mar 2007 15:43 UTC

Hi everyone!

I am all of the sudden having a big problem with an error message:
Missing caption and pattern tags.  We have recently had a MAJOR system
crash, and since then strange things are happening.  I have tried to
figure it out, and have spent countless hours, and I am so frustrated
that I think I will throw away the system, and go back to
paper!!!!!!!!!!!!  OK, so having vented that, can anyone make any
suggestions about where to go for specific help with this? The Workflows
help, really isn't, and so far I can't see ANY difference in the records
that work, and the ones that don't!

HELP Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill Brungardt

Periodical Assistant

Collins Library