Re: seeking recommendations for printer/copier vendors Dan Lester 21 Mar 2007 22:25 UTC

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  Subject: [SERIALST] seeking recommendations for printer/copier vendors

  >We would like to hear from anyone that is happy with their
  >printer/copier vendor.

  >APU has a student population of about 8,000 and we are in the Southern
  >California area and would like to know if any library in the area is
  >working with someone that they are enthusiastic about.

My experience is that it doesn't matter too much what the brand of copier is, but:

1) What are your needs?  public?  staff?  coin op? card control? enlarging? reducing? larger paper sizes?
2) Does the proposed machine meet your needs without having too many bells and whistles?  many have options that patrons, and maybe even staff, will never use.
3) Does it handle books and bound journals well without undue spine stress?
4) Most important, who is the LOCAL supplier/vendor and how is their service?  The brand won't matter if the thing is down and they can't repair it quickly.

I'd focus on local libraries and find out what companies are good to work with, provide prompt service, and so forth.  Really, even the "very best brand" (if there is such a thing) will break down or jam at times and if you don't have service you're out of luck.


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