Sports Illustrated-Updates? Melissa Farley 27 Mar 2007 12:56 UTC

Have any of you received the swimsuit edition yet?

On March 8th, our representative at EBSCO was told that the issue would
be sent to us and would arrive in 7-10 days.  I waited 18 days and when
it didn't come, I asked our representative at EBSCO to do a follow-up.
She told me this morning that Time had changed their minds yet again and
that now I had to call DIRECT to request the issue.  She said that their
final "official" word is that all accounts affected were extended by 2
issues and that you have to call the toll-free number on the postcard
they should have sent you to have it shipped.

I don't think I received any such postcard, but my representative had
the toll free number.  It is 866-228-1175.  I just called and gave them
my account number, which I also got from EBSCO.  (They asked for my
account number or zip code.)

The woman I talked to told me the issue should arrive within 7-10 days.
She actually said that it would be "resent," and I corrected her, saying
it would be sent for the first time.  She said something like, "Sent,
resent, it doesn't matter."  I asked for her name or a confirmation
number.  I got her name, but there was no confirmation

I'll let you all know if we receive the issue.  In the meantime, have
any of you gotten yours?

-Melissa Farley


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