Charleston Report Short Survey on Usage Statistics (Kristen DeVoe) Bob Persing 29 Mar 2007 14:59 UTC

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Subject:    Charleston Report Short Survey on Usage Statistics
From:    DeVoe, Kristen (DevoeK@COFC.EDU)
Date:    Thu, 29 Mar 2007 10:53:03 -0400

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I edit The Charleston Report, "A publication written for publishers,
vendors, product developers, merchandisers, and wholesalers who are
interested in expanding their library market." For the TCR Surveys
column, I would like to provide basic information on electronic resource
usage statistics.

I am including a link to a short survey (nine questions) on the topic
but I am also listing the questions at the bottom of this message if you
care to respond to me via email (off-list please at
<> ). All survey responses are confidential. If
you have time, please respond to any or all of the questions and if you
care to add anything feel free, as the purpose of this column is to let
publishers and vendors know what librarians think about certain industry
topics. The survey is intended to be informal and your participation is
always appreciated.

Link to The Charleston Report Usage Statistics Survey:

Thank you so much!

Kristen DeVoe

Kristen DeVoe
Electronic Resources Librarian
College of Charleston
Charleston, South Carolina 29424
Editor, The Charleston Report
Phone: (843) 953-6671

The Questions:

1. What type of library do you work in?
2. Who in your organization collects and interprets e-resource usage
data? (Please provide job title if possible)
3. How is e-resource usage statistics information gathered?
4. What, if any, challenges are associated with gathering e-resource
usage statistics?
5. What are the e-resource usage statistics used for?
6. What, if any, challenges are associated with analysis of e-resource
usage statistics?
7. How important are standards such as COUNTER and SUSHI?
8. Would graphical representation of usage statistics be helpful in
explaining your e-resource usage stats to others?
9. Please provide any other thoughts or comments on this subject.
Thank you!