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Good morning, all.

 We've been trying in vain to claim these issues also.  I just examined the
last few print issues received and this is what I discovered:

   Vol. 185, no. 3 (Mar. 2005) -- published monthly; received 3/30/05
   Vol. 185, no. 4 -- not published (in print or online).
   Vol. 185, no. 5 (no chronology) -- no frequency statement; received
   Vol. 185, no. 6 (no chronology) -- published bi-monthly; received 3/7/06
   We lack vol. 185, no. 7
   Vol. 185, no. 8 (Q3 2006) -- published quarterly; received 1/11/07

According to Business Source Premier, vol. 185, no. 1-3,5-12 were published
Jan.-Mar., May-Dec. 2005; vol. 186, no. 1-12 were published Jan.-Dec. 2006
and only one issue is available for 2007: vol. 187, no. 2.

To complicate things further, I compared the print and online versions.  An
article printed   in vol. 185, no. 8 (Q3 2006) on pp. 8-10 appears on pp.
75-77 of the online  version of vol. 186, no. 12 (Dec. 2006).

As I predicted, publishers are beginning to follow the Taylor & Francis
model of publishing online issues monthly, then combining the print issues
quarterly.  At least T&F announced the change in advance and the online &
print ennumeration correspond to each other.

Oh how I love working with serials; it's like trying to nail jello to the

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Good morning

Automotive Industries has been giving me headaches this year too!
According to the publisher the paper of Automotive Industries is now
published quarterly but the online version is published monthly!

We are still waiting for the first paper issue of the year to arrive -
hopefully soon.  Fortunately we also have online access.

Monique Couillard
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Hello.  We received the title Automotive Industries (ISSN 1099-4130).
Up to recently, it seemed like it was published very regularly, but in
volume 185, it began publishing very irregularly and the issues have no
chronology at all.  I have checked a couple of databases where this
title is indexed and checked for what chronology they gave to volume 185

no. 6.  In Infotrac Onefile, they call this issue July 2005.  In ABI
INFORM Trade and Industry, they call it simply 2006.  How do you all
deal with this uncertainty in terms of check-in, binding, etc.?  I think

I would be satisfied with no months, but they should at least put a year

on the issues.  Perhaps I should contact the publisher.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Barbara Pope, MALS
Reference/Periodicals Librarian
Axe Library
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