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Well, there was only one response, and I fear I have deleted after
reporting it to my Dean.  Maybe Mr. Robert Boissy of Springer will be
kind enough to copy his response to the list?  If I remember and
interpret correctly, Mr. Boissy was of the opinion that there will be no
onslaught of supplementary charges for 2007, but he wasn't sure what
would happen with newspaper subscriptions.

We will most probably see the effects of the postal rate increases in
our 2008 print subscription renewals.  As Mr. Boissy did point out, this
postal rate increase serves as another good reason to go electronic
where feasible.

Best of luck!


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Please summarize for the list.

Thanks so much!


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The Dean of Library Services just brought me a big print-out of the new

postal rates that are going into effect on May 14, 2007.  That includes

Library Rate (as usual, I guess).  She wants me to be prepared to

discuss the impact of the increased rates with her tomorrow.

Has anyone seen any literature or news that indicates what effect the

higher rates will have on subscription costs?  Will there be reams of

supplemental invoices for "increased rate" for 2007 subscriptions that

have already been paid?  Will it increase the overall inflation rate for

2008?  (Is there an estimate for 2008 subscription price inflation?)

I imagine there will be increased shipping charges for books, but that's

easier to track and document.

Any shared insights will be greatly appreciated.  You may respond

directly to me at:

I will summarize for the list if there is expressed interest.


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