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We are a public library and we didn't receive any of our copies of the Swimsuit edition, either.  I claimed direct with the publisher, although our jobber is EBSCO, and they said they'd send them, I haven't seen them, yet, though.

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Hello, Folks -

Shame on the people at Time, Inc., who apparently have decided to censor
our receipt of Sports Illustrated.  We did not receive v.106 no.7, the
Swimsuit Issue.  (This is usually dated midway between the second and
third February issues, this year the 12th and 19th, so I'm guessing
February 16th?)  I've been checking a couple of other colleges, who
hadn't gotten it either, so I just figured it was delayed.  When it
still hadn't arrived today, I called EBSCO to claim it.

My customer service rep said they've gotten many calls claiming it, and
so contacted the publisher.  The publisher's response was that they did
not send it to "institutions" because they didn't think it was
appropriate to do so.  It seems to me that if one has a subscription to
a title, all issues for that subscription period should be sent.  It is
up to the recipient to decide what to do with the issue once it is
received.  By the way, I checked and found that our public library did
receive it!

I asked our rep to claim it anyway.  I'm hoping that all of you out
there will also do that.  I also intend to send e-mail to SI customer
service complaining and claiming the issue.  Maybe if they get enough
complaints, they'll send it.  (I know; I'm an optimist.)

If any of you have different/better information, please tell the rest of
us.  Thanks.

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