Re: Sports Illustrated policy Dan Lester 06 Mar 2007 18:41 UTC

Good grief!  It makes you wonder what institutions they defined as inappropriate.  If a student had it addressed to his/her dorm room, I wonder if they too were denied the copy.

I do imagine they've had complaints over the years from public or private K-12 librarians, but that's part of doing business.

As far as not having it be "available to students" or something like that, there is a big display rack of them (just that issue) in our local grocery store.

It is a strange world out there.....


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  >Shame on the people at Time, Inc., who apparently have decided to censor
  >our receipt of Sports Illustrated.  We did not receive v.106 no.7, the
  >Swimsuit Issue.  (This is usually dated midway between the second and
  >third February issues, this year the 12th and 19th, so I'm guessing
  >February 16th?)  I've been checking a couple of other colleges, who
  >hadn't gotten it either, so I just figured it was delayed.  When it
  >still hadn't arrived today, I called EBSCO to claim it.

  >My customer service rep said they've gotten many calls claiming it, and
  >so contacted the publisher.  The publisher's response was that they did
  >not send it to "institutions" because they didn't think it was
  >appropriate to do so.  It seems to me that if one has a subscription to
  >a title, all issues for that subscription period should be sent.  It is
  >up to the recipient to decide what to do with the issue once it is
  >received.  By the way, I checked and found that our public library did
  >receive it!