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This message seemed to discuss the question of separate vs. single
records for separate parts, so I thought you might be interested.
What's aggravating about West though is they don't even have ISSN's.

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As I remember, the pagination was/is continuous across sections.  Our
library originally had separate records (& call nos.) for the different
sections then merged them into one.  When that happened, I added the
following holdings record note, the best I could come up with to

Vol. 83 (1978) - vol. 94 (1989) are bound by section and shelved by
section within each year; pagination is discontinuous within each bound
volume of those years. Consult each issue within each section until you
find the pages needed.  Vol. 95 (1990) - vol. 106 (2001) are bound with
continuous pagination, resulting in discontinuous numbering. Vol. 107+
are again bound and shelved by section.

I was relieved when we went to online-only, but amused to see that our
e-journal was back to separate records.

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Serials published in parts can sometimes require a decision about
whether separate cataloger records should be created for the parts.
LCRI 12.0 - Serials Issued in Parts provides some guidance for when to
create separate records vs. creating one record.  These criteria can
include whether the issues are internumbered or have continuous
pagination, whether they can be purchased separately, whether they are
intended to be used together, etc.  I don't have pieces in hand to tell
whether this title falls under one set of guidelines more than the

I would suggest you notice the 022 (ISSN) and 030 (CODEN) fields in
record #2396688.  All those subfield z's indicate that an ISSN Center
(and Chem Abs) had separate ISSN/CODEN assigned at one point, and then
cancelled them all, keeping the one for the main series.  If the ISSN
Center has made this decision, personally I would follow along with it.

Unfortunately, I see that National Serials Ddata Program assigned an
ISSN to two of the sections (Solid Earth, #24424753; Planets, #24364419)
just last year, so it does seem to me that NSDP should be consistent in
either treating all of the sections as separate titles or not.  Just my
two cents.

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On Mon, 5 Mar 2007, Kemp, Rebecca wrote:

> Hi, everyone- I have a question about the Journal of Geophysical
> Research.  OCLC record #2396688 does not have any 785 fields.  When I
> looked for the "subsequent titles," though, such as Journal of
> geophysical research. Oceans and atmospheres (OCLC #3918273), I find
> that they have 780 fields with indicators 01.  Should OCLC #2396688
> have 785s, then, rather than its current set-up with the 515 field?
> Thanks,
> Rebecca
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