Re: Curious if anyone has same problem with EBSCO Lynn Cote 07 Mar 2007 12:09 UTC

Personally, I'm tired of being kicked out of almost every product I use
in the course of my workday which includes SerialsSolutions (timeout is
quite a bit longer), Voyager (now that they host our clients), EBSCONet
and Dataswets (we still have to use this because we changed vendors and
we're still waiting for some subscriptions to be fulfilled/refunded).
SFX is the only product that doesn't time out.  The only positive thing
I can suggest that helps me (and my frustration level) is accessing the
web-based products through Firefox which saves my user name/password.
For EBSCONet it saves user name and password but not customer code
though when you type the first letter a drop-down box appears and then
you can select it.  The downside of using Firefox is that if for some
reason I have to use IE I've forgotten my user name and password and
have to keep a file of those on hand for each one.

Also, I must thank you for this reminder -- we're meeting with some
EBSCO folks today so this is very timely and I will certainly bring this
discussion to their attention.

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Alice & Ken,

I've had the same problem and just gotten used to it.

Geniece McCutchen
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Ken Siegert wrote:

> If you are referring to EBSCONet and having to log-in multiple times
> throughout the day (over a relatively short timeframe), then you are
> not the only one.  I emailed and called the service people when the
> new EBSCONet first went live (August 2006??), and complained that
> EBSCONet kicked me out too quickly if I wasn't actively using it.  I
> got the standard line "we'll look into it".  Nothing has changed -- I

> guess I've just gotten used to it.
> On Mar 6, 2007, at 10:57 AM, Turner, Alice D wrote:
>> Hi, all
>> Does anyone else have a problem with EBSCO closing much to fast, when
>> you have it up and toddling back and forth with other screens?  It is
>> very frustrating for me, but maybe it is my age, and not EBSCO
>> the frustration.
>> Alice
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