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We had not received our copies of this issue, so I contacted our Ebsco
Rep. She replied that the SI CSR told her the two copies she requested
would be sent and that they should be here in 7-10 days. It will be
interesting to see if they show. Guess I'll just wait and see!

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>>> Dan Lester <dan@RIVEROFDATA.COM> 3/7/2007 7:55 AM >>>
This is starting to reach urban legend proportions.  Or someone at SI
coming up with one of the world's lamest excuse.

The idea that "someone at the university" did this is amazing and
completely unreasonable.

What I begin to wonder is whether or not someone who is trying to
"protect our poor students from sin and evil" developed a program to
send a bushel of such messages to SI, either snailmail, or more likely
email.  Wouldn't take a lot to fake a series of return addresses from or, etc.  All of the content
would be the same, and if they were sent over a number of days, no one
would even be likely to notice.

Perhaps my biggest question is why in the world SI would even have a
feature in their software to NOT send certain issues to certain
libraries.  (Gee, I'm guessing Al Davis will be on the cover so don't
send it?   Not likely.)


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> Hello Everyone,
> This is very interesting because we noticed last week that we have
> received the Swimsuit issue either!
> I too contacted my rep at Ebsco who then called the publisher.  The
> response my rep got was as follows:
> "I called the publisher and they told me that they have a request
> someone at the University to not send Volume 106 #7 which is the
> Swimsuit Issue"