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  >Well....  just finished my phone call and was told:
  >"Your institution was flagged as a 'public institution' and so was not
  >sent this issue.  There have been too many complaints from doctors'
  >offices and other public places that this issue isn't acceptable there,
  >so we won't be sending it,"

Now that is the lamest one yet.  Do doctors order through agents?  I don't think so.

And if a doctor's office didn't want to put the issue out for patients, it would seem easy enough to simply NOT do so.  And scantily clad people would not, I hope, shock anyone in a doctor's office.  Gowns or not, there ARE times when those folks see more than is shown in SI.

I still wonder about college students living on campus.  Have they avoided sending them to all those young males living in dorms?  If so, that would REALLY cause a storm.  Maybe some have students (of either gender) that may subscribe to SI, and live on campus, and can find out if they got it.

Meanwhile, if I wanted to be complete, I'd probably run down to the local grocery store or bookstore for a copy and see if you could get reimbursed from petty cash (or whatever your policies/procedures may be).  Since so many have been told that there aren't any more copies at SI, I'd not count on getting promised issues sent.


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