France-Amerique new numbering Fogler, Patricia A Civ AUL/LTSC 02 May 2007 13:43 UTC

We have been receiving the title Le Journal Francais until earlier this year when Ebsco informed us that it had been absorbed by France-Amérique and we will begin receiving this title.  I'm trying to catalog this new (for our library) title and have run into a basic problem complicated by the fact that I don't "do" French as well as I'd like.

It appears that France-Amérique has absorbed a number of titles over the years and at first look I assumed this was just another title absorption.   I closed out Le Journal Francais & downloaded the title for France-Amérique into our system.

Only I'm just now (yes I've not finished my first cup of tea yet) realizing that I have vol. 1, no.1 in front of me.    This for a title that appears (according to the OCLC record:01570052) not to have changed title since 1941.  The 260 publisher matches what I have in hand.    I can't see recataloging this.   Looking at CONSER 8.7.2. Successive numbering systems (AACR2 12.3G1)...  I'm seeing that after 2002 we do not recatalog this.

So now I'm trying to decide how to formulate the 362 in my record (wishing someone would update this title online!)   The current 362 is quite lengthy.
To account for the numbering change, do I simply add an additional 362 above the existing 362?  Since we don't have previous issues of France-Amerique, I do not know how to close it off & would leave it as is.  This is what I am considering adding:
362 0_ |a [new ser.] Vol. 1, no. 1 (12-25 Avril 2007)-

Can someone from one of the other 162 libraries with holdings on this title comment as to how they edit this in their own catalog?
Much appreciated,

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