Establishing a serials info resource for staff Finnerty, Erin 22 May 2007 17:16 UTC

The reference staff at my library has expressed interest in establishing
some type of staff-side online forum (a website, wiki, blog, or...? ) to
house current e-resource and serials info all in one spot.

A few examples of what I'm imagining this might be good for:
--> Immediate notification of incorrect holdings or access info until
larger problem can be resolved
--> Announcements of scheduled down-time for various databases, etc.
--> Easily accessible list of all current subscriptions
--> List of frequent "problem" titles... if a publisher's interface
continually causes confusion, etc.
--> Vendor tech services contact info in the event of my absence

Does anyone else have a similar service in place?
I'd love to hear any and all experiences or alternative solutions.

Erin Finnerty
E-Resources/Serials Librarian
New Jersey Institute of Technology
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