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I am sending this on behalf of Miranda Hay, NLM's CONSER representative:

On March 1, 2007, the National Library of Medicine began using the
CONSER Standard record for cataloging serials. The new rules were
learned easily and quickly, and in general things have been going
smoothly. Even seasoned catalogers did not feel that any essential
information was lost. Most felt that the new rules would cut back quite
a bit on cataloging time, once everyone was comfortable with them,
especially for original records. Decisions as to which fields to edit on
copy cataloging are still problematic and unexpectedly time-consuming.
But this is also true when dealing with AACR1 records (of which there
are still large numbers in OCLC). More specific guidance on copy
cataloging would be useful.

Miranda Hay
NLM CONSER representative

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Is there any library that is already cataloguing according to CONSER
standard record principle?


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