Re: Dealing with password authenticated online content Martha Coleman 30 May 2007 13:32 UTC

You might want to check with the person handling the contracts for
online access to journals.  Whether the contract is a signed, printed
document or a click-through agreement to terms and conditions, there
are definite restrictions about providing access to only valid users.

James, Richard wrote:

>Granted that IP identification is better than password
authentification, but- is there any pressing need to be concerned with
keeping the passwords confidential? The provider is the loser, in so
far as there is a loser in this scenario. What is the downside to a
library of having the password for some part of its resources being
widely available? It seems less like a problem and more like mission
>RIchard James
>(Just my personal opinion etc. not that of my employer)
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>>Chad brings up a good point: the problem with password authentication
>>the inability to keep passwords confidential.

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