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The majority of our periodicals do not circulate.  These have bib
records in our catalog and are checked in when they are received so that
you can see from the record which issues we have.  Some of these are
later bound, some are held until the microfilm is received (at which
time they are discarded), and some are held for a specific length of
time and then discarded (3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc).  There are no
barcodes or labels attached to these, and they are shelved in alpha
order.  We do not track usage of these except during our semi-annual
usage surveys where we ask patrons to not re-shelve any items themselves
and we take counts of the items when they are re-shelved by staff.

We do attach barcodes and labels to issues of magazines which do
circulate.  These are shelved separately from the rest of the
collection, also in alpha order, and have a simple CIRCULATING MAGAZINE
label attached to the front cover.  The barcode is not connected to the
catalog bib record; it is simply a generic record of the title and issue
date, and allows the item to be checked out and placed on a patron's
record.  After various amounts of time, depending on the usage of the
magazine in question, these issues are eventually withdrawn from the
system and discarded.

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With some trepidation I ask about advantages or disadvantages of
embarking on a project to barcode and give item ids and possibly spine
labels to our periodical collection, which currently is simply shelved
in alpha order with no tracking capabilities. My sense is that
statistics would be useful but I'm not sure the impact of such a project

is worth that one asset?
Appreciate experiences or advice for those who have considered or moved
in that direction. Unless others are interested, you can reply directly
to me.
Many thanks.
Connie Foster

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