Re: questions regarding open current periodical stacks Laura Vogler 04 May 2007 13:17 UTC

: 1. Do you keep your current periodicals in a separate place from your
: bound
: periodicals? All current periodicals together? Or do you shelve them
: in with the bound volumes?

At this time, we shelve the current periodicals separate from bound.
However, we will be looking at the possibility of shelving everything
together.  We are doing a major shift of our bound periodicals this
summer and I will allow room for the currents in case they get
integrated in the next year or two.

We keep the most recent issue of 60 general interest titles in the
reading area on the main floor.  This is in the front of the building
near the entrance.   The balance of the current periodicals are shelved
at the back of the main floor.

: 2. Approximately how many subscriptions to print journals and
magazines do
: you have?

750 current subscriptions

: 3. Do you eventually bind most of them or toos them?

We bind the majority of our titles.  If it is in JSTOR, we keep the
issues unbound until they become available online then recycle.   We
have several titles that we keep for a limited time and recycle those
when the time is up.  We recently cancelled all of our microform
subscriptions and will be looking at whether the journal is worth
binding or only keeping a limited time.
: 4. How do you shelve/display the current issues before they've been
: (We currently are using hanging folders for the closed stacks. I don't
: think they will work well in open stacks.)

We have them on flat shelves.  We used to have them on slanted shelving,
however, we often found that with the limited space we had we didn't
always have room to store the back issues under the slanted shelves
(they were not the kind that can raise).  So we removed the slanted
shelving.  The advantage was it let in more light and you could see
through the stacks.  The disadvantage was that the covers weren't easily
visible.  However, because the shelving was so close together you really
couldn't see covers very well between the rows.
: 5. Do you restrict the use of the current periodicals to a floor or room?
: Or can they be taken anywhere in the library?

No restrictions.  They can be taken anywhere within the library.
: 6. Do you security strip all issues, most issues, random issues, weighted
: towards titles that more often disappear?

Used to strip all issues, then random, and now we don't strip them at
all.  And amazingly enough, we have not seen an increase in missing volumes.


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