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I am interested in this discussion, too. Because our library does not do
anything with the C-D ROMs yet. They are all kept by my desk at the
moment since we do not have many titles with C-D ROMs. (They are coming
just with our print subscriptions, perhaps no more than 10 titles). We
did not catalog them and actually make no use of them.

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Hi everybody
I'm trying to collect some information about what other libraries are
doing with digital formats that arrive with print journals, in
particular CD-Roms.  For example, IT journals often come with CDs
containing software. Our current policy is to keep the CDs with the
journal but treat them separately for bar coding and Dewey labelling. We
catalogue our journals and lend them to staff only.  We are a small
university, using the Voyager system and in the process of installing
Some libraries, I hear, keep the CDs at the circulation/lending desk and
issue as required, some are not keeping them at all.  Others are
selective, in that they will keep them if they supplement the journal
but not if they are simply a different format of the same thing.
Is there a copyright issue here?  If you are using RFID, have you
changed your policy on CDs.? I realise that this is a serials list, but
the problem affect books as well, so any comments are welcome.

What is your current practice or what thoughts or recommendations do you
have for managing these kinds of items?


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