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In our library, accompanying CD-ROMs (as well as accompanying CDs, DVDs, &
other media) are separated from the book or journal issue and sent to the
Media Center. They are barcoded and have a separate item record so they may
circulate according to our parameters for the type of media. Labels are
affixed to both book/issue and CD-ROM case to let patrons know where the
corresponding/accompanying material can be found. Accompanying media that
is strictly advertising is not retained. Some CD-ROMs that arrive with a
journal but are not even mentioned in the issue, may be cataloged as
separate monographs.

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At 12:35 PM 5/15/2007, you wrote:
>I am interested in this discussion, too. Because our library does not do
>anything with the C-D ROMs yet. They are all kept by my desk at the
>moment since we do not have many titles with C-D ROMs. (They are coming
>just with our print subscriptions, perhaps no more than 10 titles). We
>did not catalog them and actually make no use of them.
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>Hi everybody
>I'm trying to collect some information about what other libraries are
>doing with digital formats that arrive with print journals, in
>particular CD-Roms.  For example, IT journals often come with CDs
>containing software. Our current policy is to keep the CDs with the
>journal but treat them separately for bar coding and Dewey labelling. We
>catalogue our journals and lend them to staff only.  We are a small
>university, using the Voyager system and in the process of installing
>Some libraries, I hear, keep the CDs at the circulation/lending desk and
>issue as required, some are not keeping them at all.  Others are
>selective, in that they will keep them if they supplement the journal
>but not if they are simply a different format of the same thing.
>Is there a copyright issue here?  If you are using RFID, have you
>changed your policy on CDs.? I realise that this is a serials list, but
>the problem affect books as well, so any comments are welcome.
>What is your current practice or what thoughts or recommendations do you
>have for managing these kinds of items?
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