Re: Title compaction a possibility? Steven C Shadle 18 May 2007 18:22 UTC

Susan -- In CONSER, we have often stretched the application of 21.2C2 b)vii ("two or more titles proper used on different issues of a serial according to a regular pattern") to include cases where a single issue has a different title before returning to the original title.  The LCRI for that rule also includes cataloger judgment for publisher's intent.  The addition of the word "new" may not necessarily reflect a conscious change of title so much as indication of something else.

#70843276 has been authenticated by Indiana University.  I will forward this message to the CONSER contact there to see if they are willing to consider cancelling the record/reporting for deletion.  --Steve

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On Fri, 18 May 2007, Susan Moore wrote:

> I posted this question in a early version at the beginning of May and got no
> responses. As this is not a widely held title, I'm not too surprised. I would
> like some confirmation that what I'm planning to do in my local catalog is in
> line with current practice. The situation is:
> The title was MCAT premier program from 1997-2006 (OCLC #35571808).
> The 2007 ed. (OCLC #70843276) had the title: New MCAT premier program.
> The 2007-2008 ed. (OCLC #86119133) has the title MCAT premier program.
> I believe I can compress this into one record with a note saying the 2007 ed.
> had a variant title given my reading of the rules. Do others concur?
> Susan Moore
> Rod Library
> University of Northern Iowa
> Cedar Falls, IA  50613