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National Agricultural Library: Library technician position (fwd) SERIALST Moderator 13 Jul 2007 14:35 UTC

Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 08:20:40 -0400
From: "Shrader, Tina" <>
Subject: National Agricultural Library:  Library technician position

The following announcement is for a library technician position in the
Continuing Resources Unit of the Acquisitions and Collection Development
Branch at the National Agricultural Library.

Tina Shrader
CONSER and Repository Coordinator
National Agricultural Library
Phone: 301-504-5210


Position Available:

Library Technician, GS-1411/07
Continuing Resources Unit
Acquisitions and Collection Development Branch
National Agricultural Library
Beltsville, MD 20705

Salary Range: $37,640-$48,933
Open Period: Thursday, July 12th - Monday, August 13th, 2007

Full Time Term Not To exceed 13 months, may be extended up to a total of 4

The National Agricultural Library (NAL) is the nation's primary resource
for agricultural information in all formats and is one of four U.S.
national libraries.  NAL also serves as the Library for the United States
Department of Agriculture.

The mission of the Technical Services Division, National Agricultural
Library is to identify, select, acquire and provide bibliographic and
subject access to publications in agriculture and related disciplines.
The Division is responsible for collecting the world's agricultural
information as comprehensively as possible and disseminating cataloging
and indexing records worldwide through AGRICOLA (Agricultural On-Line
Access) and other databases.

The Acquisitions & Collection Development Branch is responsible for
administering programs for collection development and acquisition of
library materials in various published formats and media in agriculture
and related sciences in all languages from various sources on a world-wide
basis.  The Branch formulates NAL collection development policies and
implements them by allocating funds, reviewing source literature for works
of interest, selecting those in scope, receiving requests and
recommendations from NAL service units and subject specialists, searching
databases and records to determine needs, initiating procurement orders or
exchange or gift requests, preparing preliminary and copy cataloging
records, receiving publications, determining priorities and initiating
processing.  The Branch prepares serials data for input to computerized
files; receives, records or discards, and claims issues of current
serials; maintains serial holdings records, determines retention, and
binds serial volumes.  The Branch processes excess or out-of-scope
publications for distribution to cooperating libraries or institutions.
The Branch creates or initiates and maintains a variety of records in
manual or automated form for use throughout the Library.  The Branch
maintains fiscal records, works closely with fiscal and procurement
officers in USDA service agencies, and initiates payment of invoices
through the National Finance Center.

The Continuing Resources Unit is responsible for implementing goals and
objectives for the ordering and control of continuing resources in all
formats in agriculture and related sciences.  The Continuing Resources
Unit is also responsible for maintaining exchange agreements with foreign
publishers and processing gift continuing resources.

The incumbent performs technical tasks pertaining to the acquisition of
serial publications purchased by the Library.

B.      DUTIES

           1.  Following established rules, procedures, and instructions,
maintains English and foreign language scientific and technical serial
subscription, check-in, and holdings information for print and electronic
continuing resources in NAL's local bibliographic database.  Identifies
title changes, ceased publications, mergers, or other changes in
continuing resources and ensures that the changes are reflected in NAL's

2.  For print and electronic English or foreign language continuing
resources: searches and verifies bibliographic and order-related
information in automated databases, bibliographies, publishers' or other
subscription agencies' catalogs, Continuing Resources Unit files, and
other Library files.

3.  According to established rules, procedures, and instructions, prepares
order information for print or electronic serials searched and verified as
above.  Creates provisional bibliographic records as well as purchase
orders in NAL's local bibliographic database and places orders with a
subscription vendor or publisher as appropriate.

4.  Maintains exchange partnerships and information on gift subscriptions,
including verifying initial exchange or gift agreement, updating
addresses, and maintaining database records on the items sent and received
by exchange.

5.  Maintains acquisition files for gift and purchased print and
electronic serials.  As required, communicates with vendors, subscription
agents, publishers, or Library personnel regarding the order or renewal
status of publications.

6.  Updates and maintains addresses within the USDA departmental mailing
list system that are required for the timely distribution of USDA
publications to exchange partners

7.      Performs related duties as required.

For more information on applying for this position, see the USAJOBS web
site at:

Karl E. Debus-López, MLS, MRP
Head, Acquisitions and Collection Development Branch
and Chief Collection Development Officer
National Agricultural Library
Agricultural Research Service
United States Department of Agriculture
10301 Baltimore Avenue, Room 002
Beltsville, MD 20705-2351
phone: (301) 504-7230
FAX: (301) 504-5243