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Re: YBP and serials Lori Kappmeyer 23 Aug 2007 15:40 UTC

Hi, Selina,

For firm orders, we use a separate subaccount to order materials that we want to come shelf-ready.  We don't order certain things, like sets or numbered series, on the shelf-ready account, to avoid the problem you described.

For our approvals, which all come shelf-ready, all the incoming books go through a check-in process in Monographs Acquisitions.  Besides performing the acquisitions functions, the person checking in the volumes looks for certain things in the bibliographic record that need to be referred to cataloging.  If a volume is part of a numbered series, it is referred to cataloging.

We have had YBP shelf-ready services since 2005 for approvals, and just started using it for firm orders in May 2007.  I would be happy to answer any other questions you might have about how this has worked for us.

Lori Osmus Kappmeyer
Head, Cataloging & Metadata Department
Iowa State University Library
Ames, IA 50011

>>> "Lin, Selina S" <selina-lin@UIOWA.EDU> 8/21/2007 12:15 PM >>>
Here at University of Iowa, we are about to acquire shelf-ready
service from YBP. They will treat ALL individual volumes as monographs,
including those that are part of serials and sets.
	While our standing orders for serials are exempted from this
service, and so still within our control, there will be non-standing
order serials volumes randomly selected by our bibliographers and
therefore supplied by YBP as books. In other words, there will be
separate bib records for Title A, 2007 (or vol. 1), Title A, 2008 (or v.
2), and so on.
	It appears that YBP offers no option to exclude individual
serials volumes from monographic treatment. What are other YBP customers
dealing with this situation? Are people happy about this? If not, what
alternatives are available? Any advice is welcome and much appreciated.

      Selina Lin
 	University of Iowa