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Re: Managing free access journals Monica 02 Aug 2007 18:10 UTC

Using a third party service like Serials Solutions (that's my library's
vendor)  seems the only logical way to go because of the issue of
maintenance. Kudos to Buddy for getting user feedback to improve the
Serials Solutions knowledge base.

Pennington, Buddy D. wrote:
> We use Serials Solutions to provide access to our electronic journals
> and include those that are freely available.  Serials Solutions includes
> a number of subject-based collections as well as a Government Documents
> collection, the DOAJ titles and a HighWire Press free access collection.
> Because of the more volatile nature of these titles, we have inserted a
> note indicating that the free access to these titles may change without
> notice and providing a link for users to contact the library if they
> experience problems accessing one of these titles.  If we can confirm
> that the title is no longer freely available we then contact Serials
> Solutions to have the title removed from the freely available collection
> or we can turn it off ourselves.
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> We use Ebsco's AtoZ link resolver because we can have all our full text
> journals (free or licensed) in one place and because we can add/delete
> whole collections at a time e.g. PubMed Central.  Access to the licensed
> journals is only available through our portal.
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>>>> "Nada Jensen, MALS" <njense@MIDWESTERN.EDU> 8/1/2007 2:03 PM >>>
> We would like to provide links to open source journals from our web page
> or
> catalog.  I would appreciate hearing how your library manages such free
> access journals.  Do you include them on your web page/catalog?  Is
> there a
> comprehensive list of free access journals available?  How do you keep
> track
> of them?  Any suggestions on how to start such a project would be really
> appreciate.  Please reply to