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Re: Serials Career question Couillard, Monique 06 Aug 2007 11:07 UTC

Good morning Cynthia

I would say you are very qualified to enter Serials on an academic

You do much of what I am responsible for here at UNH - I am responsible
for the claiming of titles, check in, training of 2 staff members,
ordering and canceling titles in addition to all those other little
"duties as assigned" tasks that come my way.

I do have a background in Serials Cataloging that I find very useful in
my day to day work.  I would strongly urge you to look into a cataloging
course or possibly have someone give you short training course.  You
always have to be on the lookout for the next title change!

Good luck with your search.


Monique Couillard
Serials Check In Supervisor
Dimond Library - University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-1972
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I am a periodicals supervisor and librarian at a medium-large public
library.  I supervise two periodicals clerks, am responsibile for
serials control, claims, deletions (we don't bind), new magazines, as
well as other collection duties such as selection and weeding.  In
addition, I participate on a number of committees and work on public
services desks (readers' advisory and reference).  I have very limited
cataloging experience.  To get to my question, I am interested in taking
another step (possibly into academic libraries) in serials.  Would I be
qualified, in general and does anyone have any advice on skills to hone
or responsibilities to seek out to take this next step.  Thank you for
your assistance.

-Cynthia Dieden