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Print subscription cancellations - Communicating to users Julie Legeros 01 Nov 2007 18:52 UTC

Greetings SERIALST-ers,

Apologies in advance for duplicate postings...

After months of research and meetings, we've decided to convert from print to
electronic subscriptions wherever possible.  The formal transition will take
place in 2008 when we stop receiving our print issues through our subscription

Now, the real work of planning the transition commences!  So, I have a favor
to ask...would anyone be willing to share / send me samples
(electronic or print copies) of the advertising that you did, newsletter articles
that you wrote, items you posted on your web site, etc., when you
announced your print subscription cancellations?

I don't want to steal anyone's work, but instead want to gather a pool of
ideas that I can use to craft our own messages.

Many thanks in advance.

Julie Legeros
Senior Information & Research Librarian