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Re: students Lucy Crews 13 Nov 2007 18:08 UTC

At the beginning of the year our circulation / personnel manager has each
student fill out a fact sheet :
what is their favorite snack, candy, cookie, etc., their birthday, hobbies,
and other personal info.

Twice a year - once in the fall around October, and once March/April we have
a birthday party for groups
July- December   and in spring  January - June.  Students are given a card
and a package of their favorite things.
The party usually has pizza, soda, water, cookies or cake.  The total cost
for presents and party is divided among staff and we pay our share.  Again
this happens twice a year.  I pay about $5, sometimes more depending on the
number of students involved.  A staff members used to take turns
volunteering to make a birthday cake - I made several - but that usually
doesn't happen now.

In December , right before exams start, staff provide items for a X-mas
goodie bag.  Staff bring in homemade or store-bought, whichever you want.
Goodies can be  hot chocolate mix, cookies, Little Debbie cakes, candy,
fruit, microwave popcorn packages - you get the idea.

There are also training meetings for student workers that are considered
work , but the library may spring for some snacks (do not know the budget,
but probably from a general fund that can be used for anything).

In spring, students graduating get a  card signed by all staff and a
present.  Usually we again split the total cost.  Sometimes the present is a
MBC charm, a picture book of the college, or a X-mas ornament showing one of
the historic buildings, but usually it is MBC related.

Within my departments, students who work specifically for me, I do little
cards when they do an especially good job as a thank you, maybe with their
favorite snack ( the info gathered by the Circ Manager is available to us )
.  I also do Halloween, X-mas, Valentines, Easter, whatever strikes me.
Sometimes its just a surprise because its Wednesday or National Pie Day.
I've given balloons, crazy colored socks, theme pencils, etc.  None of this
needs to cost much if you shop smart at a Dollar store.

Best of luck with the ideas.

Lucy A. Crews
Catalog / Serials Librarian
Grafton Library
Mary Baldwin College
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