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Re: Appreciating student assistants Susan Wishnetsky (13 Nov 2007 19:17 UTC)

Re: Appreciating student assistants Susan Wishnetsky 13 Nov 2007 19:17 UTC

On 11/13/2007, Karen (and at least one other) wrote:

>We post the student birthdays ...

Now, I remember once working at a place where my birthday
was publicly posted.  I assume it was taken from my application.
Nobody asked me if it was okay with me.  This bothered me --
maybe not the posting itself, but the presumptuousness, and
the invasion of privacy.  But I didn't want to be a bad sport and
make a big deal over a small matter, so I didn't object.

So, you folks who post and celebrate people's birthdays: are
you sure that they all really appreciate it?  do you have their
consent?  is there pressure to consent?  maybe some of them
are pretending to enjoy the birthday attention, just to get along?

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