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Re: Full text articles from databases Norman Frankel 13 Nov 2007 22:01 UTC

In many cases publishers do not hold the copyright to graphics, including tables, charts, etc.  They are allowed to use this material in the primary publications but not when the articles appear in secondary publisher databases such as Wilson.

Norman Frankel
Publishing Consultant

> Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 09:54:40 -0500> From: chessNIC@COMPUSERVE.COM> Subject: [SERIALST] Full text articles from databases> To: SERIALST@LIST.UVM.EDU> > on 11/13/2007 Rachel Ben-Eliezer <> wrote> > > A couple of years ago we purchased the H.W.Wilson Science Fulltext> > database. Lately I have noticed that a number of journals that should> > have so called "full text" (PDF) are missing graphs, pictures and> > tables. So in fact "full text" is not really full text which also means> > that cancelling the print version would be out of the question. How does> > one go about checking which journals are affected? Is it just a random> > check? > > > > Is this policy deliberate on the part of the publisher or the> > aggregator? If so why - copyright reasons? or to ensure continued> > revenue through individual subscriptions. > > > > I mention Wilson but I think this probably happens with other databases> > too.> > > > I would be interested to hear your comments.> > It's not just Wilson. Clearly you still need earlier > formats such as print and micro. For example:> > The Chicago Tribune full text archive does not include:> > * Classifieds> * Birth Announcements> * Legal Notices> * Sports Statistics> * Real Estate listings> * Weather Pages> * Advertising> * Photographs> * Charts> * Comics> > The Chicago Tribune historic article image archive does not > include articles from 10/1/1854 - 12/31/1860 or from 1/1/1870 - 12/31/1874.> > Paid death notices prior to July 1, 2000 (death notices from years prior to 1985 > can be found in the historic archive. > > <> > > Best wishes,> > Sincerely,> > Albert Henderson> Former editor PUBLISHING RESEARCH QUARTERLY
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