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Statistisches Jahrbuch ... fu¨r die Bundesrepublik Deutsch land Gurevich, Konstantin 15 Nov 2007 14:32 UTC

            Could somebody please explain to me why OCLC #1085441 is closed? I'm holding in my hand a perfectly good 2007 edition
(see ),
the only thing that's missing is the ISSN.
            According to the preface, what did cease is Statistisches Jahrbuch ... für das Ausland (OCLC #21510511), which was abosrbed into the one in question as an "annex" (some 60 pages out of the total of 730+). Moreover, there's a 780 05 for this title in #1085441, with $g 2007. How can something that died in 2006 absorb anything in 2007?
            We're not a CONSER library, so I cannot reopen and adjust it myself. Could somebody CONSER please take a look? Thanks in advance!

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