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Re: Handling of Sample Issues David Brautigam (15 Nov 2007 15:04 UTC)

Re: Handling of Sample Issues David Brautigam 15 Nov 2007 15:04 UTC

Colleagues -
		We are not  a large research library, but this is what we do:

(1)  If they seem to support our curriculum or be of general interest, we may mark them as display copies and put them out where we display such items (typically near where we display subscription issues).  (2) Those not displayed and those displayed for a time and then retired are either offered on duplicate exchange or recycled.

At times I have given them to departments or individual faculty members just so that they can see something new. However, our overall interest is in decreasing periodical expenses rather than adding to them so I don't do this much.  In no case do we check  them in or keep track of them.

						David Brautigam
						Periodicals/Science Libn.
						Westminster College
						New Wilmington,  PA

>>> "Janet L. Flowers" <jflowers@EMAIL.UNC.EDU> 11/14/2007 9:06 PM >>>
We are looking to simplify or eliminate the steps related to sample
issues that arrive unsolicited in our department.  So, I would be
very interested to know how other --especially large research--libraries
handle this issue.
Thank you in advance for your perspectives.


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