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Re: Serials check in? van Sickle, Jennifer (15 Nov 2007 20:34 UTC)

Re: Serials check in? van Sickle, Jennifer 15 Nov 2007 20:34 UTC

We no longer check in limited retention items (such as newsletters) or
most items archived in microform such as news magazines.  We have notes
in the check-in instructions to that effect for the student workers.  We
have discussed other items that might be candidates for no check-in, but
that's where we are right now.

Jennifer van Sickle
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Trinity College Library
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Hartford, CT USA 06106

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To reframe the serials check-in discussion a little; I am interested in
libraries that do SELECTIVE check-in.  I've always thought there is a
wide spectrum of possibilities between checking in everything and
checking in nothing. How do you decide what to check-in and what not to
check-in (price? last copy responsibilities? online available? ILL
availability?)? How do separate what gets checked-in from what does not
get checked-in? Do you have any methods for sampling what doesn't get
checked-in to see if there are receipt issues? What about binding? Do
you you bind only the check-in titles?  I'm sure I've left out some
important issues...

Kat Haggerty

Katherine Haggerty
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