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Re: Serials check in? Ian Woodward (15 Nov 2007 20:54 UTC)

Re: Serials check in? Ian Woodward 15 Nov 2007 20:54 UTC

The tracking of infrequent serial publications (generally ordered
through approval vendors) is not done through check-in records, though
there are means for the review of order and payment journals that
accomplishes much the same end.  At the other end, no check-in of daily
newspapers is done, as they are retained only temporarily and by the
time the publisher might be cajoled into sending a replacement, we would
have discarded anyway.  Since we only receive about 15 daily newspapers,
delivery problems can be spotted with the trained eyeball.

Since much of our print collection is coded upon receipt for eventual
deposit in our onsite automated warehouse (the coding occuring during
serials check-in) and since we make use of the check-in cards pertaining
to our principal periodical collection to inform both the public and the
reference desk as to what should be on our display shelves, Mr.
Anderson's solution would not be workable here.


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To reframe the serials check-in discussion a little; I am interested in
libraries that do SELECTIVE check-in.  I've always thought there is a
wide spectrum of possibilities between checking in everything and
checking in nothing. How do you decide what to check-in and what not to
check-in (price? last copy responsibilities? online available? ILL
availability?)? How do separate what gets checked-in from what does not
get checked-in? Do you have any methods for sampling what doesn't get
checked-in to see if there are receipt issues? What about binding? Do
you you bind only the check-in titles?  I'm sure I've left out some
important issues...

Kat Haggerty

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