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Reminder: ALCTS Outstanding Collaboration Citation Gracemary Smulewitz 15 Nov 2007 23:30 UTC

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Second Annual: ALCTS Outstanding Collaboration Citation

 ALCTS Outstanding Collaboration Citation recognizes and encourages
collaborative problem-solving efforts in the areas of acquisition,
access, management, preservation or archiving of library materials. It
recognizes a demonstrated benefit from actions, services, or products
that improve and benefit providing and managing library collections. The
citation may be presented to two or more individuals or groups who have
participated jointly in an appropriate achievement. Accomplishments that
expose problems may be as valuable as successes. The citation will be
presented in a year when an achievement of merit has occurred.
Recognized forms of collaboration must be between library personnel and
other individuals or groups such as: publishers, vendors, cultural
organizations, government agencies, philanthropic organizations, and the
like. Results of a collaborative effort must demonstrate advancement in
collection management or technical services working environments.

  Examples (descriptive, not inclusive):

- Development of industry standards (licensing, COUNTER, technology)

- Breaking barriers to enable budget conscientious actions (inflation
control, setting serials pricing far enough in advance of renewals,
cooperative cataloging or preservation initiatives)

- Innovative publications products or services that meet an industry
need (ERMI, first link resolver, software to enhance productivity or
user access)

 The deadline for nominations and supporting materials is December 1,
2007. For additional information, visit the ALCTS Web site at ALCTS is a division of the American Library
Association (ALA).

  Send nominations, along with written justification for the citation in
terms of demonstrated outcomes in work achieved through actions,
services, or products; how the achievement contributed to the
fulfillment of needs in the work of collection management or technical
services and any other factors relevant to the merit of the achievement
and two letters of recommendation to Gracemary Smulewitz, Citation Jury
chair, <>

If there are questions about the award, please contact Gracemary
Smulewitz by email or phone.  Again:
<> or 732-932-7388 ext 161.

Gracemary Smulewitz

Head, Distributed Technical Services
Rutgers University Libraries
169 College Avenue
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901

Phone: 732-932-7388 ext 161
Fax: 732-932-8141