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SSP Fall Seminars: Final Days for Advance Registration (Karen King) Bob Persing 05 Nov 2007 12:29 UTC

From: Karen King (
Re: SSP Fall Seminars: Final Days for Advance Registration
Date: 11/2/07 5:32 PM

Society for Scholarly Publishing's Fall 2007 Educational Seminar Series
is rapidly approaching! Join your colleagues and a range of industry
speakers Monday, November 12 through Wednesday, November 14 at the
American Geophysical Union in Washington, D.C.

The SSP seminars bring together high-profile, thought-provoking speakers
from our industry, addressing the issues that matter for publishers,
librarians, and other information industry professionals. Here are the
speakers. Don't miss out on insights from and discussion with:

Seminar 1: Opportunities for Publishers in a World of Institutional
Repositories--Monday, November 12, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
- Amy Friedlander, Council on Library and Information Resources
- Charles Henry, Council on Library and Information Resources
- Thornton Staples, The Fedora Commons Foundation
- John Unsworth, University of Illinois
- Kate Wittenberg, Columbia University Press
- Thomas Garnett, Smithsonian Institution Libraries
- Thomas Nygren, Aluka

Seminar 2: Technology Blitz: A Practical Update on the Next Generation
Technology--Tuesday, November 13, 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
- Chuck Koscher, CrossRef
- Barbara Lange, IEEE
- John Shaw, SAGE Publications, Inc.
- Karen Grovers, Ex-Libris
- Todd Carpenter, National Information Standards Organization

Seminar 3: Changing Workflows in Production--Tuesday, November 13,
1:30-5:00 PM
- Gurvinder Batra, Aptara
- Eileen Kiley, Materials Research Society
- Frank Grazioli, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
- Roger Kasunic, McGraw-Hill Companies
- Andrew Brenneman, Digital Media Group, University of Chicago Press

Seminar 4: New Business Models for New (and Gently Used)
Content--Wednesday, November 14, 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
- Stephen Rhind-Tutt, Alexander Street Press
- Jake Zarnegar, Silverchair
- Christopher Kenneally, Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
- Monique Fayad, OncologySTAT (Elsevier)
- Susan Singer, Linden Lab (Second Life developer)

Seminar 5: Innovations in Pricing and Licensing--Wednesday, November 14,
1:30-5:00 PM
- Cara Kaufman, MBA Kaufman-Wills Group, LLC
- Adam Chesler, American Chemical Society
- Lauren Kane, BioOne
- Melanie Schaffner, Johns Hopkins University Press

Detailed session descriptions, complete speaker biographies and online
registration are available at <>

Register now - early registration discounts end to November 2^nd .

Society for Scholarly Publishing