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Re: Serials Job Duties Williams, Shirley (07 Nov 2007 19:46 UTC)

Re: Serials Job Duties Williams, Shirley 07 Nov 2007 19:46 UTC

We recently hired a new Serials/Electronics Librarian - we have 1
serials tech that checks in periodicals - also a student to do shelving.
Al harris library
Weatherford, OK 73096

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Hi Melissa,

We're going through the same process here at UAA. Right now we have an
interim serials manager (me!) and a student who checks in serials.
Needless to say, dealing with electronic resources has been challenging
as it's not really centralized. I've been looking at a lot of job
announcements trying to figure out how to best restructure our
department and have seen a lot of ads for Electronic Resources/Serials

We're looking at possibly going with an Electronic Resources/Serials
Librarian position and a serials technician level position, along with a
student who will continue to do check-in. We have a cataloger who does
original cataloging for both monographs and serials and currently our
copy catalogers add both monographs and serials.

I would also love to hear how others are reconfiguring their job
duties/positions, especially in regard to the trend towards going with
electronic over print. Our university serves about 11,000 students.


Christie Ericson
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Subject: [SERIALST] Serials Job Duties

Hello all,
I am new at serials, and have a question for you.  We are in the process
of refiguring job duties, and I was wondering what a serials librarian
includes in their jobs.  Do you manage print and electronic serials?
How about the databases?  Full text access?  Is there anything I am
missing?  I would like to make my case, one way or the other, to manage
or not manage electronic serials, eTOC programs, etc.  I think I would
like to do it, but maybe that should be two different job duties?
I also perform cataloging here.  I am new and have been here 4 months
now, so all of this is new to me.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
Also, any advice/wisdom/tips from those of you who have been managing
serials for a while would be welcomed.  Before this I was a
reference/public services librarian, so all of this cataloging and
serials can get confusing.  We have two library workers, one of whom is
on maternity leave, and they are talking about hiring the temp on after
she comes back (don't get me started, whole 'nother story!).
You can email me off list at  Thanks in advance for
your suggestions!  I can summarize the responses if anyone is
Thanks a million from someone who is stumbling along!