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Re: Serials check in? Patricia Pettijohn (08 Nov 2007 19:48 UTC)

Re: Serials check in? Patricia Pettijohn 08 Nov 2007 19:48 UTC

Well, I can say that within my system, one of the libraries discontinued
check-in for almost a year before deciding to go back to check-in.  I
see a number of potential issues:

If you are publicly funded, it may be perceived as fiscally
irresponsible to have no idea if goods you have paid for have been

You will miss claim dates and end up with missing issues in your
collection, and this in the final analysis may take more staff time to
analyze and note in the record retrospectively than it would have taken
to just check in the journals.

Report functions within your LMS may depend on check-in information.

However, there are libraries that have stopped check-in and have stuck
with it, and there have been some articles as I recall.

The other consideration is workflow and staffing levels.  If you stop
check-in and lose staff, then have to go back to check-in with fewer

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