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Explosion of E-Resources - ASA Conference 2008 Rollo Turner 13 Nov 2007 12:31 UTC

Our regularly annual conference in February each year (25/26 Feb in 2008) is
once again upon us. As always, the programme is below but a somewhat easier
to absorb version is on our website along with
all the registration details, hotel accommodation etc.  In response your
enquiries and entreaties we have introduced a special 'early bird' discount
for registrations before the end of 2007 so book early and get even better
value than before! The conference is open to everyone whether you are
members of the ASA or not and I hope many of you will be able to come.


Rollo Turner
Secretary General
Association of Subscription Agents and Intermediaries
+44 (0)1494 534778

CONFERENCE PROGRAMME - The Explosion of E-Resources
Library requirements for effective usage of e-resources
(Chair: Peter Lawson, ASA)
		Overview of future user requirements and likely impacts on
the library
		T Scott Plutchak, Director, Lister Hill Library of the
Health Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
		Systems requirements to meet future needs
		Susan Eales, Electronic Services Development Manager and
Hassan Sheikh, Electronic Services Development Manager, Open University
		New forms of effective intermediation
		Simon Inger,Consultant
		Discussion followed by Tea and Coffee
12:00 Distribution and Marketing of e-journals
		Experience with consortia - a view from a specialist
		Peter Williams, Academic Director, Professional Engineering
		Consortia strategies to beat the big guys
		David Charles, David Charles e-licensing
		Discussion followed by Buffet Lunch
		Why don't consortia buy from smaller publishers?
		Cary Bruce, EBSCO
		Value based and alternative pricing strategies
		Ivy Anderson, Director, Collections, California Digital
Library, University of California
		How constrained are library budgets?
		David Baker, Principal, University College Plymouth St Mark
& St John & Chair, JISC Content Services Committee
		Discussion followed by Tea and Coffee
		The need for intermediation delivering value to libraries
and publishers
		Robert Jacobs, Swets
		Business models: e-resource access and management systems
		Moshe Efron, Teldan TDNet Group, Israel

9.00 E-magazines (Chair: Rollo Turner, ASA)
		Challenges for magazine publishers in the online environment

		Hugh Look, Rightscom
		Likely changes to magazines in e-format
		Sean Fishpool, Head of Product Development, Magicalia
		User and distribution requirements
		Speaker to be confirmed
		Discussion and Coffee
E-books (Chair: Rollo Turner, ASA)
		Business models and User Services
		Monika Krieg, Publisher Relations, Harrassowitz
		E-books in practice, some thoughts on access, functionality
and licensing
		Rafael Ball, Head of Central Library, Research Centre
Juelich, Germany
		The digital supply chain - buying and selling e-books in a
rapidly changing landscape
		James Gray, President & CEO, Ingram Digital Group