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Re: Full text articles from H W Wilson's databases Betty Batten (13 Nov 2007 14:42 UTC)

Re: Full text articles from H W Wilson's databases Betty Batten 13 Nov 2007 14:42 UTC

Hi Rachel,

We are very cautious about cancelling paper in two areas, especially:  mathematics and art.  We have found the statement, "formula omitted" in full-text versions of math journals.  Lack of the formula makes the article useless.  Art journals, especially those used in teaching elementary art students, are inexpensive and great browsers.  Unfortunately, I became aware of the areas through random checks.  I would check science, math, and art online qualities with your paper format before cancelling.  Bb

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Subject: [SERIALST] Full text articles from H W Wilson's databases

Dear Librarians,

A couple of years ago we purchased the H.W.Wilson Science Fulltext
database. Lately I have noticed that a number of journals that should
have so called "full text" (PDF) are missing graphs, pictures and
tables. So in fact "full text" is not really full text which also means
that cancelling the print version would be out of the question. How does
one go about checking which journals are affected? Is it just a random

Is this policy deliberate on the part of the publisher or the
aggregator? If so why - copyright reasons? or to ensure continued
revenue through individual subscriptions.

I mention Wilson but I think this probably happens with other databases

I would be interested to hear your comments.

Rachel Ben-Eliezer

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