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Full text articles from databases ALBERT HENDERSON 13 Nov 2007 14:54 UTC

on 11/13/2007  Rachel Ben-Eliezer <> wrote

> A couple of years ago we purchased the H.W.Wilson Science Fulltext
> database. Lately I have noticed that a number of journals that should
> have so called "full text" (PDF) are missing graphs, pictures and
> tables. So in fact "full text" is not really full text which also means
> that cancelling the print version would be out of the question. How does
> one go about checking which journals are affected? Is it just a random
> check?
> Is this policy deliberate on the part of the publisher or the
> aggregator? If so why - copyright reasons? or to ensure continued
> revenue through individual subscriptions.
> I mention Wilson but I think this probably happens with other databases
> too.
> I would be interested to hear your comments.

	It's not just Wilson. Clearly you still need earlier
	formats	such as print and micro. For example:

    The Chicago Tribune full text archive does not include:

        * Classifieds
        * Birth Announcements
        * Legal Notices
        * Sports Statistics
        * Real Estate listings
        * Weather Pages
        * Advertising
        * Photographs
        * Charts
        * Comics

    The Chicago Tribune historic article image archive does not
    include articles from 10/1/1854 - 12/31/1860 or from 1/1/1870 - 12/31/1874.

    Paid death notices prior to July 1, 2000 (death notices from years prior to 1985
    can be found in the historic archive.


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Albert Henderson