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Re: Title change question Karen Chobot (04 Dec 2007 14:24 UTC)

Re: Title change question Karen Chobot 04 Dec 2007 14:24 UTC

HI -

Our practice on this has been to continue to file by title, with book
dummies to lead patrons to the new title.  There are a couple of reasons.
One is that most students come in with a citation and don't care at all
about previous issues or titles.  It also helps our shelvers know where to
put things.  And finally, since we don't keep anything forever, it helps us
in making weeding decisions, so after about 7-10 years we eliminate the old
titles and then we don't have to reshelve the new title.  This works for us
but wouldn't work for a research library, I suppose.

Best of luck to you,

Karen M. Chobot, MLS
Director, Mildred Johnson Library
North Dakota State College of Science
800 6th St. N.
Wahpeton ND 58076
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Hello all,

I'm trying to decide which of two practices will work better for our
patrons. Our print periodicals are arranged alpha by title. There are a
number of titles in our print collection that have a some point
undergone a title change; not just a change in wording, but a completely
new title. In such cases, is it better to file the issues under the new
title separate from the old, or to keep the old & new together on the
stack where the old title is, with a pointer (such as a book dummy with
label) where the new title should be?  Thanks in advance for your
opinions & advice.

Best Regards,

Robert Weaver

Serials Librarian

Liberty University