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Science Direct and Serial Solutions Wies, Loraine M. 05 Dec 2007 18:22 UTC


We have just completed a periodicals cancellation project which has now
coincided with our need to find an alternative to Science Direct Web
Editions. Our decision has been to go with a customized list of e-only
titles with a backfile.  To ease faculty concerns that they were losing
access to core titles we were cancelling, we had assured them they could
have desktop document delivery to those titles. Our question now is, as
Serial Solution users, do we list all of Elsevier's available titles in
our A-Z list (something I'm sure they would love!) or do we just limit
the A-Z listings to those titles we had access to and allow serendipity
to take care of the rest? We encourage access to titles through our A-Z
list vs our OPAC.

We were wondering how anyone else who may be in a similar situation has
handled access to unsubscribed titles for which you are willing- but not
necessarily anxious-  to offer desktop document delivery for?

Thanks in advance!

Loraine M. Wies

Acquisitions/Periodicals Librarian

Schaffer Library

Union College

Schenectady, NY 12308

Tel# 518-388-6689

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