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Re: Open stacks Lisa A. Ladd 21 Dec 2007 16:35 UTC

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I am interested to know from those of you who have open periodical
stacks, particularly for displaying new issues:

Did you choose to open your periodical stacks?  Or were you limited by
space, etc?   Our periodical stacks have always been open at Dartmouth.

Requested by faculty/students? Faculty and students use them quite a bit.

Do you archive periodicals online through publishers packages and
purchase discounted print for public open display?  We have done that with some of our titles.  We are also choosing to purchase more titles in packages, GeoscienceWorld is a good example, and transitioning our print titles to digital only due to space concerns.

We rarely have problems with titles disappearing. We tattletape each unbound journal as we have security gates.  The current issues are placed in a reading area, and if we are retaining them, we bind them when the volume is complete and transfer them to our bound stacks.

Lisa Ladd
Collections Specialist
Kresge Library
Hanover, NH 03755