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Hello Kirsty,

We have received issues of Nature and Science without wrappers for some
years, and they nearly always arrive in fine condition.  Interestingly,
however, another title we receive without a wrapper, BioScience often
does arrive with minor tears, turned-up corners, and other damage,
sometimes making it almost unreadable.  Because we keep that title on
microform long-term, I rarely claim the issues as damaged; if we bound
the issues, I probably would claim them more often.  My guess is that
BioScience is printed on lower quality paper than Nature and Science and
that makes it more prone to damage in transit, but that is a sheer

Overall, regarding journals with and without wrappers - I claim several
a year as damaged, perhaps as many as one or two a month.  I haven't
detected a pattern as to whether more of these damaged claims are for
titles that are wrapped, or in envelopes, or uncovered.

What I think has even more environmental consequence than wrappers,
however, is that we have continued to receive a number of print issues
despite having changed our subscription type from print to the online
version.  (I do not think Oxford titles are among them anymore for our
collection, but this may be happening with Oxford titles at other
institutions.)  I currently have a stockpile of probably over a hundred
print issues that we don't want, which we continue to receive despite
contacting our subscription vendor about the situation.

Thank you for your query,

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***Apologies for cross posting***

Dear colleagues

Due to our own environmental concerns, and because some of our society
partners are requesting it, we're investigating the feasibility of
sending out some journals without wrappers. The cover of these journals
would instead contain a sticker with address information which could be
easily removed.

We understand that a number of journals, notably Nature and Science, are
already sent out this way in the US?

We would appreciate answers, on or off list, to the following questions:

1. Do you receive journals without wrappers?
2. If so, do they arrive damaged?
3. Do you/how often do you have to raise claims to the publisher for
damaged copies?

Many thanks in advance.


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