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Funny, just a while ago one of my colleagues sent me an email stating
that whoever (whether the publisher or the post office), packed and
shipped a damaged copy of Am J of Gastroenterology for Jan 2008, very
generously put it in a padded envelope and sent it to them.

Nada Jensen
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My experience is totally the opposite.  We seem to received empty
mailers at least once a month and are claiming more torn up issues than
we used to.  They are getting mangled somewhere in the shipping process.
Of course I don't have statistics, just observation that it seems much
worse lately.

Shirley Rais, MLS
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Damaged copies are rare.  I have only had to request once or twice in
over ten years.

However, I have had problems with lost issues due to stickers coming off
in the mail.  I have also sometimes had other peoples address labels
attached to my issue.  I prefer to have the address printed directly on
the cover.

Judith A. Koveleskie, MLIS, MA
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Seton Hill University
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Subject: [SERIALST] Journals without wrappers?

***Apologies for cross posting***

Dear colleagues

Due to our own environmental concerns, and because some of our society
partners are requesting it, we're investigating the feasibility of
sending out some journals without wrappers. The cover of these journals
would instead contain a sticker with address information which could be
easily removed.

We understand that a number of journals, notably Nature and Science, are
already sent out this way in the US?

We would appreciate answers, on or off list, to the following questions:

1. Do you receive journals without wrappers?
2. If so, do they arrive damaged?
3. Do you/how often do you have to raise claims to the publisher for
damaged copies?

Many thanks in advance.


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