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We've discontinued print copies of Sociological Abstracts as of 2008.

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At Virginia Tech, we are not letting go of the print indexes and
abstracts.  We're having to deal with these materials now because of
planned remodeling of our reference desk and public service
points.  Print indexes/abstracts comprise the bulk of the reference
collections.  The reference librarians and selectors decided to move
any index/abstract that was fully replicated online to our remote
storage facility.  We've kept a few printed indexes for the Ref Room
or stacks, if the selectors weren't confident about online
coverage.   We've also transferred some retrospective journal
holdings that are in JSTOR to remote storage, but we haven't yet
taken the plunge to discard or withdraw anything.

Leslie O'Brien
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At 11:38 AM 1/29/2008, you wrote:
>Is anyone "letting go" of print indexes and abstracts for space and
>online considerations? Ex., sociological abstracts or others. Some
>librarians have a reluctance to discard for fear of cancelling
>online products "in the future" and not having a fall-back and,
>thus, would move to storage.
>Any opinions and experiences you have are appreciated. This could
>also extend to the JSTOR/MUSE type titles and what criteria you use
>to decide what goes away permanently, what goes to storage and what
>stays within reach.
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