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Before Brain Research (Elsevier) recombined the sections,

1.For the first few volumes, Molecular Brain Research, Developmental Brain Research, etc. had 2 sets of numbering before getting its own separate.

2. Also European Journal of Pharmacology from 1992-1995 had 2 subsections that had both its own numbering and the numbering of the Parent title.

3.Although not strictly alternative numbering, you also might look at Journal of Neurosurgery.  American Association of Neurological Surgeons.  For a number of years, it had the Parent journal, supplements, and then 2 supplements with subtitles  : Pediatrics,  : Spine.  These subtitled supplements kept the volume numbering of the parent title but had consecutive or alternating issues.
Issues :Spine for Jan.-May 2004 share pagination and are numbered in conjunction with issues of the journal's other supplement: Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics.  In June 2004, :Spine began its own numbering with Vol. 1 (2004). For 2008, the Pediatrics subtitle is now its own from vol. 100 # 1(2004) -v.107 #? (2007) ; Vol. 1 (2008)-

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Hi all,

Someone was providing training on serials holdings and asked about some
examples of journals with alternative enumeration.  Can anyone think of
some good examples?  Thanks!

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