Re: E-journal usage statistics query Stokes, Judith 10 Jan 2008 15:27 UTC

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for asking. Statistics for usage are so important to us that
there is a whole organization devoted to defining the kinds of reports
that are useful and standards for providing them. It's called COUNTER
(Counting Online Usage of Networked Resources)(, and here's the website


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Hello. I work for a publisher and we are researching the feasibility of

usage statistics to our institutional subscribers. If anyone is willing
and has

the time to either post a message to this list or send me a direct email

your thoughts on what type of information you, as a librarian, would
most like

to receive in a usage statistics report from a publisher, I would

appreciate your assistance. Please include the type of information you

as well as the format in which you need to receive it. Any other

would be beneficial as well. We don't currently provide usage
statistics, but

since we are receiving more and more requests to do so, we obviously
want to

provide that service if that is what our subscribers require.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Sharon Landers