Re: Hello-Silly question about how to put a newspaper on a wooden "newspaper stick" Kristen Fredericksen 14 Jan 2008 21:04 UTC

Yes, that's what we did at my old library. And it's not a silly
question! When I used them for the first time, I inserted each section
of the newspaper folded in half the way you buy it at the newsstand,
making it impossible to read while on the stick.


Herraghty, Maureen wrote:
> Hi, Leslie:
> It's been a while since I've used them, but we never stapled at all.
> Each section of the paper goes onto a different slat of the rod, with
> the slat running down the fold, then the O-ring around the tip of the
> entire rod holding all the sections on the rod. We always added a couple
> of tape hinges for any single-width sheets that were in a given section,
> so that those pages didn't fall out.
> Hope that helps!
> Maureen Herraghty
> Director of Library Services
> Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
> St. Louis, MO
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> Hi-
> I am a Periodicals Clerk in a Community College Library.  We have moved
> into a new building and have been given a new "newspaper rack" for
> displaying the days newspapers.  It is one of these units that has
> "newspaper sticks" as the tool to use to hold the daily papers.  My unit
> and sticks have no instruction manual and I have tried to figure out on
> my own how to insert the papers into these dowel-things, but all I have
> succeeded in doing is swearing a lot and breaking one of the sticks.
> Does anyone know how to insert the paper into these sticks?  Do I staple
> the paper on the seam of the paper or do I staple it in the left margin?
> Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you-
> Leslie Palmer
> Periodicals Clerk
> Orange Coast College Library


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